Sunday, 21 August 2011

Stats for the year so far

Just my normal stats update now that it's nearing the end of August.

Rain this year
Firstly Rain, and what a poor year it has been! Whilst when it rained it rained hard for a few minutes there has still been little rain this year and August is looking just as dry. There are parts of the UK that have records levels of rain but the South East has been very dry

Some forecasters are talking about a wet Autumn but I will wait and see. I will predict that we  will see a sub 500mm year on rain in 2011.
Average Outside Temperature

Maximun Outside Temperature
So far 2011 is actually warmer than 2010 although it doesn't feel like it as this summer has felt quite mild compared to previous years.

The main reason for the year to date temperature increase was due to temperatures between  January to May. Whilst we had a snowy & cold  winter it was front loaded and the last few months of winter into Spring was actually warm compared to the last few years and actually compared better  to the winter / spring of 2006/2007.

Moving to the summer and in particular July it  ended up being my lowest recorded average temperature for the month since 2006.

=August has reversed this trend so far and is actually looking at being above the norm for average temp. So why is this?

Well whilst the maximum temperature is not record breaking, neither is the min temperature and so really August has been a boring middle of the road month. Today's is actually overcast & dull but still at 24 degrees and this is what is driving the average higher.

One thing though, this year I have had to use the air conditioning less than previous years which has saved the £££, especially with the energy companies putting up their prices every minute - this year has seen a 18% increase in prices and so we needed a mild summer to stop the use of the aircon. More importantly we need mild Winter  with these energy prices but I think this year will be like last with a cold December becoming mild in Jan.

Wind Run - how many miles of Wind I have had
Finally here is the wind. Nothing much to report here apart from the fact that my wind vane has been up in Cliffe woods for a year now and so I should start to get some good like for like measurements.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

August 7th 2011

Another coldish start to August with today's mean temp currently sitting at 16.2 and looks like the high temp for the day has been and gone. Last night it actually got down to 12.6. It's interesting too see how August pans out because it's definiately no longer the month when summer goes out with a bang. 

Pavan and I went for a walk today through the woods, there were blackberry's every where. They were good to eat although Pavan thought it was just as much fun to squash as many as possible and end up with bright purple hands.

Cliffe Woods looked the same as always, we went hunting for bugs and overturned a few logs but didn't find much. Pavan was more interested in tarantulas and red fire ants than little beetles!

The plums where ready for harvest.

At one point it really looked like rain but the clouds passed to the east of us

a lot of wild flowers were still in bloom