Tuesday, 30 November 2010

An unbelieveable day

Today is unbelievable, whilst I am on holiday and can enjoy myself people that have had to work have struggled. My brother is currently stuck in Orpington some 4 miles from his home. He has not moved for 7 hours now and the chances of him getting home tonight must be zero.

At work we have 80% of the work still to get out and I can see us not catching up until Friday.

This snow event is the worse for years, it's still snowing now and so it's not really stopped for 24 hours. It's currently 0.3 degrees with 10 MPH easterly winds.

Great to see a big snow event but as a country we should be more prepared!

more photos

Video of snow!


The build up was huge and now it's here, I just wish it was here to stay. We have had 4 inches here now and it's still snowing. Forecast says the snow will turn to rain later so we'll have to see. By Monday the weather will be a lot warmer and should be around the average for the year.

Here are some photos from this morning.

Whilst I have been doing this it's ben snowing really hard outside!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Norwich, Lowerstoft - Looking for snow

We travelled to Norwich and Lowerstoft today due to wife's job but had an opportunity to see some snow for the first time this winter and it did snow for about 15 minutes whilst we were there. There is something about snow on beaches

Anyway here are the photos:

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Record Ice Day

What a record breaking day today has turned out to be. I've been capturing weather data since October 2005 and I have never had a day when the max temperature has been sub zero!!

Today the low was -2.6 at 04:15 and the high was -0.3 at 14:30.

I know Hawley had a -5.5 degrees overnight which is nearly a record breaker but not quite a record!!! the  record is -5.9 recorded on the 18th Novembr 2005.

so Whoosh Kennyboy, although -5.5 is a good reading for November

Today's photos,

The path through Cliffe wood's WOOD!!

 then the fields once you get through the woods

 and the trees!
 and the vegtables that are growing
 and finally a fallen tree with frost on!

Weather station Move!

Re- located the weather station.... I bet it does nothing to temps but it's about peace of mind!

November 26th into 27th

Got to give Ken his dues, what a massive drop of in temperature over night!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Temperatures today!

How the temperatures changed today - I wasn't expecting a sub zero mean temp.

Cliffe beat Hawley for once! MY mean Temp should end up around -0.1 and Hawley 0.4!

Cliffe Pools Today

Last night temperatures fell below Zero degrees, with the lowest temperature -1.9. I took a walk through Cliffe Pools this morning and took these photos... Wanted some frost photos but the frost wasn't widespread. Alot of the smaller Pools has iced over and the Moon was still out!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

A slight disappointment

Snow has hit parts of the UK in the last two days but the South East has manged to escape any snow and the forecasts don't look like we'll see any this weekend. There might be a chance next week but we'll have to wait and see.

With this in mind I will say the temperatures are extremely low, today's mean temp will be about 1.4 degrees. We didn't see these kind of temps until the second half of December last year so we have started off the winter extrememly cold and hopefully a record winter will follow! Look how the red line drops away from last year (Grey Line)

The temperatures range today have been between 0.6 to 3.2 degrees but the temperature has not gone above 2 degrees since 04:30 this morning. Wind chill brought the lowest feel like temperature down to -2.8 and it felt like this whilst out today.

I was expecting at least some frost and ice overnight but it did not even get cold enough for that!

Oh well we will have to see what the next week brings. One thing for definiate, it looks like the cold weather is here to stay!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


The next 10 days of weather is going to be very interesting... I'm very confident of snow, although I don't feel it will be loads... Brought a sledge just in case!!

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Will it or won't it

Forecast is showing snow next weekend!

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A late picture!

This is from last Monday.. Never had time to post. The patterns look stunning!

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November 2010 - Stats so Far!

What an interesting month November is and hopefully will be. Firstly I'm struggling why the temperatures at Cliffe Woods is 1 - 2 degrees higher than where I used to live in Sutton at Hone. I've ruled out height as Cliffe Woods is actually at 98 feet and Sutton at Hone is at 85 feet above sea level. I've also nearly ruled out the fact I live in a built up area as this was the case at my previous place. The only obvious answer to me is how close I am to the Thames but who really knows.

Some stats for November:

This year's mean temp from 1st - 21st Nov - 8.4 degrees, last year was at 10.11. This is a 1.7 degrees fall year on year. The chart below shows this years average temperature by day compared to last year and Hawley.

Last year started off cold and ended up warm where this year is the reverse and next week is meant to be even colder! I forecast that by the end of the month this years mean temp will be around 7.0 degrees this will be a 2.7 degrees drop on last year and a 1.4 degree drop on where we are up until the 21st November 2010. In order for this to happen the next 9 days need to be really cold!!!!

Looking at the min and max temperature by day there is a clear different year on year. This year we have had a lot of days where the day time temperature is not significantly higher than the night time temperatures. The 17th November is a prime example of this

So what will the next week bring? the chart below is the mean temp on Saturday 27th Novembr 2010. Temperatures look cold, and these temperatures are at 2m abve sea level.

This one is the snow coverage:

So my forecast is it will be bloody cold but no show for the South East.