Sunday, 2 October 2011

LRF - Winter 2011 - 2012

Well what will this year bring in terms of weather, will it be cold or mild?

Here is my prediction for this winter. It will be interesting to see if any of this comes off as it's purely my views based on comments from various websites.

With the current "indian Summer" with temperatures pushing 30 degrees it's hard to predict a colder than average winter!

In terms of forecasting I am leaning more and more to sun activity as a guide to our weather, and with sun activity still low but up on last year I feel the overall theme of this year's winter will be slightly milder than last year.

Now for the months forecasts


I do expect it to stay warmer on average, with the indian summer staying for a few days, with a lot of clear blue sky. The temps will drop back next week with some rain as well. We need this rain, not only to drive up our annual rainfall but also because we need rain to make snow later in the winter!!!

In the last week, going into November, I expect temperatures to start dropping to average temps with fog and cold nights coming back throughout this transition


November  will be cold but not as cold as last year and I do not believe there will be any snow at the end of the month like there was last year. I feel it will be a dry month and so some possible blue sky days.


December is going to be the month, I feel this year the snow will come more from the east and so I feel the SE will get some good snow, and should generate some good Thames streamers! Temperatures will be on par with last year, and I feel the 2nd half of the month will be the coldest and this will last right through xmas into the new year.

I do not predict any ice days though and whilst it will be snowy it's will only last a few days at a time and so I don't see snow lying around for a week or more like last year.


I think the cold spell will be over very soon into January, with mild temperatures most of the month.  If we lived in the North I think this might be a different story.


Mild weather will continue into this Month but it will turn cold again in the last 2 weeks. In the last 2 weeks there will be some cold days, but not prolonged and there will be some snow