Sunday, 15 July 2012

Been for a walk

Rain total in mm - Jan - June
I went for a walk today and whilst walking through some big puddles I wondered how this year has really panned out compared to previous years and so I thought I would look at 2 key stats, Temp and Rain.
This year is said to be one of the wettest in a long time, with June being the wettest for over 100 years. For my stats though this year has not been the wettest even though it feels like it!. 2009 was actually wetter although it was in Jan and Feb. In June I had 91.4 mm of rain and this is my highest since I started recording in 2005.

Mean temps by month and Year
Temperature wise we have had the coldest May to June since 2005 with an average temperature of 14.9 degrees compared to an average since 2005 of 16.1. Year to date the average temp is 10.3 degrees compared to the last 6 compared of 10.8 degrees. Only 2009 was colder   

Finally some pictures of my walk today. I walked 6.5 miles in 1 hour 45 mins
IMG 0697IMG 0696IMG 0690IMG 0692IMG 0695IMG 0698IMG 0694IMG 0699