Monday, 4 June 2012

Flash flood

Yesterday I posted that I had 30mm of rain on the 28th May and I was't sure if this was accurate. Good old Kennyboy challenge this number and said it was false and that the neighbour must have put the hope pipe in the sensor! With the bucket some 15 foot in the air and a hose pipe ban I thought this was unlikely but his comment made me do some research! The link below says it all really there were flash floods in Medway on this day. Unfortunately I was away at work and so could't verify but wife said it rained hard!

So how Hard did it rain? I've looked back over the last 7 years of data and there has only been 6 days where it has rained over 23mm and only one day where it rained more than 30mm. This was on the 27th June 2009, on this day it rained a total of 30.2mm. So the chances of it raining more than or equal to 30mm is 0.08%

Also in 2009 it rained 30.2mm in a space of 90 minutes, this year the rain was over 45minutes so the rain must have been really hard. If you look at the table below the rain rates where much higher than in 2009

Overall then a rare occurrence which has meant that May's rain levels ended up above average even though we are still in a middle of a drought!

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