Sunday, 12 February 2012

Feb 2012 cold spell

With Last week's snow still around how cold has this could spell been? Today we have had a little snow shower and whilst driving home from Newcastle on Thursday the snow on the A1 and M11 was bordering on dangerous with the outside lane covered in snow. Great fun though especially driving with 2 new Pirelli tyres on the rear of the car after one of my other tyres developed a puncture whilst driving up on Monday. Whilst I hate run flats due to the price it was good to be able to run to Leeds on them before having them changed.

So some comparisons to previous Feb months and to the cold spell in 2010:

1st - 11th Feb 2012 -0.527
1st - 11th Feb 2011 7.8
1st - 11th Feb 2010 3.35
1st - 11th Feb 2009 1.32
1st - 11th Feb 2008 8.84
1st - 11th Feb 2007 4.2
1st - 11th Feb 2006 3.78
1st - 11th Dec 2010 0.245
25th - 9th Dec 2010 -0.586

You can see November into December 2010 was colder by 0.05 degrees but the cold spell was longer, over 15 days where the current cold spell will probably only be over  today at 12 days as temperatures will warm up from this afternoon.

So overall a great cold spell but not as great as 2010 where it was colder with 12 inches of snow and not 4.5!

Picture below is the snow still lying around.

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