Sunday, 5 February 2012

Today's snow

Feb 5th snow Event!!
4.5 inches of snow

Well we received a dumping last night, in fact 4.5 inches of snow and much better than I thought. Temperatures have stayed low throughout today and this means the snow is still here.

The mean temp for today is - 0.4 and this is the 4th day in a row with a negative mean temp. To put this into perspective the last negative mean temp day for Cliffe Woods was the 26th December 2010. This just goes to show how mild 2011 really was.

With the temp outside dropping and snow still here there is expected to be a lot of black ice around overnight which is worrying as I need to drive to leeds first thing.

Clearing the drive
At least the drive is prepared as Pavan and I  have shovelled all the snow off.

We had great fun in the snow today, cleaning the drive, the cars, having a snow ball fight and then finally taking the sledge to the main hill in Cliffe woods.

It was packed, probably 100+ people there, all having fun. Pavan had a few near misses on his sledge with sign posts and a parked car. Unfortunately his lack of skill at controlling the sledge and with a non helpful push from Pinky he ended up underneath a wooden fence of someone's front garden. This was game over and he cried all the way home....well until he decided it was fun to throw snowballs at a not very pleased Pinky!

I charged the camera up last night to take some photos, although I must admit it is difficult to find fresh and interesting photos  It was fun to take photos of Pavan clearing the drive whilst dodging snow balls and I did get a nice macro shot of the snow. If you click on the picture and zoom in you can see some nice flakes.
Snow taken with macro lens

Next week: 

So what will happen next week?

 I think we are in the prime location in the SE as we are expected to keep the easterlies for some time but there is also a possibility of some northerlies. Either way it looks likely to stay cold for at least the next 7 days with some possible snow showers.  10 days ago I would have said winter was over but looks like Feb is going to be an interesting and cold month!

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  1. Nice blog Gav, good pic of Pavan and your story conveys the fun that snow brings!